HelloThere Was Made By Dhruv. It Has capability to moderate and increase your server engagement through its fun commands.

Got Doubts We Have A Server For It .

That's a tough question but thankfully, our team is on it. Please bear with us while we're investigating.

Have you had a chance to answer the previous question?

Can Bot Change Prefix Acc To Our Need ?

Yes It Can By Default Its Prefix When Joined Is "?" If You Want To Change , You can Followingly ?set_prefix prefix or ?HelloThere prefix Eg: ?set_prefix ! or ?HelloThere !

?set_prefix prefix

Does Bot Serves 24/7?

Yes , It Does It's 24/7 monitored You will rarely Face Issue Of Down Time. But , Bot Uses Some Api Which sometime can be down for upgrade period ... which get's fixed in a day or two.

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